For Adhir, architecture principally means being responsive and sensitive to the location, context, climate, culture and people’s needs. The work of Frank Llyod Wright drew Adhir to intelligent architecture. He did a brief stint with Raja Aedri before joining MQA in 2004. Adhir completed his Bachelors in Architecture from the Rizvi College at Bandra, Mumbai. To further his understanding of intelligent buildings, he did the LEED AP BD+C Certification from United States Green Building Council 2009.

Adhir spent many evenings watching the waves crash and transform continuously as the sun set on the Arabian Sea. Observing the tides turn and the waves change form brought upon him the realization that space and matter are constant but the form keeps evolving…responding to the need of time.

He has worked on numerous projects including Hospitality, Malls, IT parks, Schools, Residential and Commercial. His passion project to date is the mammoth Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment Project which covers 16.5 acres of land in the inner city area of Mumbai. Urban design, transformation, sustainability and a challenging execution environment have kept Adhir committed to it for almost a decade.