Bhendi Bazaar - Stories within a story

Author – Qutub Mandviwala

India’s first smart neighbourhood, the Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment Project, headed by the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust is the largest urban renewal project in India spanning over a total area of 16.5 acres.

Our aim is to renew and strengthen the foot prints of Bhendi Bazaar’s culture and character using architecture. The vision was to create a symbol of renewal and growth which had its roots deep in the culture and stayed contextual to the location, but also to create a modern icon of strength and prosperity.


This, we believe, is Mumbai’s first step to its transformation into a structured global city. This redevelopment aims to uplift and strengthen the community. Our goal, as urban designers and architects, was to preserve, restore and reuse the historic buildings, use sustainable methods for development and infrastructure management, connect and open the community, create mixed use neighbourhood centres and improve the pedestrian experience.


When architects ensure the needs of users by acknowledging accessibility, demographic diversity, economy and the environment while maintaining the aesthetic value of the structure.

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