Darshan (b.1977) spent his early days in Old Bombay at a time when the social structure of a joint family held society together. Finding or creating space for oneself was an instinctive skill that Darshan developed and fine-tuned.

At the Indian Education Society, he explored the works of Le Corbusier, Raj Rewal and Charles Correa. Darshan found himself falling in love with simplistic designs, pure spaces and straight lines. He joined MQA in 2003 after working with Reza Kabul for 3 years. Darshan enjoys challenges and feels he has always been at the right place at the right time, whether it is Rave 3, mall at the start of mall culture, large townships like Yogi Dham – Ajmera, when they started becoming popular or cluster/redevelopment in Mumbai.

Darshan has under his belt a dynamic portfolio including malls, commercial spaces, residential high-rises, and mixed use projects. He collaborates closely with clients for smooth completion of projects.