Mihir grew up in an eastern suburb of Mumbai with both working parents. This created an opportunity to spend afternoons at his neighbours Architecture firm. The rottering pens, large scales, black ink, ammonia dyes and hand sketches were like an invitation Mihir couldn’t refuse. Summer months were spent cooling under the awnings and vestibule of his ancestral home in rural India. Mihir is blessed with an endless patience and love for intricacies. He enjoys using principles of traditional urban planning and making them relevant today.

Mihir joined MQA in 2002. Handling large township and high-rise projects has been his forte. Mihir believes in straight lines and structures that are form-based. Mihir enjoys using construction technology for making high rises which in turn generate more green and open space. Mihir believes flow of people and material, use of natural lighting, taking advantage of the specific weather conditions form the basis of good design planning. He believes the need of the times is clear planning along with Project Efficiency making minimum use of resources.