Mita completed her Architecture from Mumbai in 2001. She has a boundless energy which she applies in translating abstract ideas to brick and mortar. She is committed to understanding the client’s needs and sensibilities to deliver a product that surpasses their expectations. Her portfolio is full of complicated Design challenges resolved through an application of intellect, practicality and detailing.

Mita is an early riser and re-charges herself through yoga and meditation. Coming back to center and being in a state of flow are her cornerstones in the hectic pace of life. Zaha Hadid’s work have inspired her towards free flowing form of structures. Her completed works are a tapestry of stand-alone bungalows, luxury homes, high-rises, restoration works for schools, utilitarian hospitals and commercial projects.

Mita aspires to large scale infrastructure projects such as airports and railway stations where functionality, aesthetics and flow of goods, services and people intersect.