One Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

One Mahalaxmi, is a unique project of its own league. With total a height of 300 metres, every apartment is conceptualized as a villa in the sky and it is placed in a manner such that most of the apartments get the South-West wind and view. While designing, the four apartments on each floor were placed in an adjacent manner and stacked vertically. Unlike a normal building which has close-fitting apartments, this project is designed to bring opulence. One Mahalaxmi has long curved passage so that there are no common walls between the apartments. All rooms are cross ventilated and designed to have minimum passage areas. The interior of the house is designed to its full utility so that every inch of the house is completely functional.

Principal Architect : Qutub Mandviwala

Associate Architect : Mihir Kulkarni

Year : ongoing

Company : DB Realty, Radius Developers