Sage University Indore

The site is located across 10 acres of land on the foothills at the outskirts of Indore. While developing the design, the need of the end user for holistic education and the contextual setting of the hilly terrain were paid special attention to.

Taking inspiration from the old Indian tradition of learning outdoors, wooden canopies are used to bind the curricular and non-curricular spaces. The green belt along the wooden canopies provides a safe environment for the users. The campus has been zoned into sports, academic and residential and is linked via wooden bridges. Blocks have been fragmented to allow maximum wind penetration. Structures are oriented for diffuse lighting and a comfortable temperature throughout the day. The constructed silhouettes merge into the surrounding hills. The end result fosters a spirit of interactive learning and a vibrant collaborative environment.

Principal Architect : Qutub Mandviwala

Associate Architect : Sweta Parab

Year : ongoing

Company : Sage Group