Wallace Fortuna

Set in the upscale area, with the view of the eastern docks in the background, this residential project shares our firm’s personality while engaging its urban context with a striking twin tower profile on the street.

The design provides multiple outdoor spaces for most apartments. On the north side/façade every floor is pushed out to create balconies and shading the apartment below. The balconies serve as the cool transitions between indoors and outdoors. The two tower’s footprint occupy not more than 10% of the total project site spread across 3.5 acres, owing to a fine balance between the project site’s vast open spaces.

Like most luxurious housing complexes the twin towers, Opus and Aurus offer a package of amenitiesswimming pool, gym, children’s play area , basketball court, tennis, squash volleyball court etc. but complements them with the spaces that are landscaped and designed so that it serves as hubs for shared activities. The stepped amphitheatre also adds to the activity space. The clubhouse is beautifully carved out with the existing profile of the site giving it a unique form.

Principal Architect : Qutub Mandviwala

Associate Architect : Nandita Agnihotri

Year : 2015

Company : Atul Arcade Group