Wockhardt Corporate Dubai

The building was designed on a narrow parcel of land in Jafza, U.A.E. Using the oasis as inspiration, we focused on the use of green pockets to provide spatial hierarchy, orderly movement and minimum circulation space. Green spaces also have a restorative effect and reduce mental stress and fatigue and enhance well-being. These green spaces form the openings in the Facade, bringing in the desired soft natural light and also acting as a point of interest/curiosity for the people on street.

Keeping the built area to a minimum at ground level, the lush green on the ground and the shade provided by the block above form an intimate space providing respite to the visitor from the harsh and dry climate of Jafza.

Taking inspiration from the traditional Mashrabiyas and Jalis, a further skin of perforated copper has been added. These perforations ensure a dynamic play of light and shadow during daytime while shielding from the harsh south sun. Indoor courtyards are interspersed in the working spaces to act as transitory and community spaces.

Principal Architect : Qutub Mandviwala

Associate Architect : Nandita Agnihotri

Year : 2017

Company : Wockhardt Group