Sweta Parab (1)

Sweta Parab is a graduate of Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai. Her Alma mater being a center of other form of contemporary arts like painting, sculpture, ceramics, she believes that artistic expression even in architecture is what sets a building apart. Deconstructivist yet functional spaces which stay true to the context of the site and client’s vision is her main design objective. Travelling is her passion and has been a great source of inspiration to her body of works.

Understanding of vernacular Architecture and its intricacies has kept her design approach rooted to be sustainable and contextual. She believes that history has a lot to offer if we look and derive inspiration from the right places. Having born and brought up in Mumbai, the constant changing and fast paced nature of the urban life has been closely witnessed by her and she believes in an approach to constantly learn and revive one’s understanding of the profession to stay relevant with the changing expectations.

In the past, she has worked with Prof. Christopher Beninnger and Architect Hafeez Contractor on projects of multiple scales. From small residential bungalows to townships and institutional projects like schools, universities and hostels. She specializes in institutional projects that gives great design collaboration opportunities with client, to create spaces that would create impact in true sense of the word.