The Wockhardt Global School

Author – Qutub Mandviwala

Designed on a large parcel of 30 acres of land, the Wockhardt Global School is revolutionizing the way learning spaces are designed. Having a holistic and natural approach towards the educational development of children and creating an all-inclusive methodology to learning by enriching a child’s overall growth.

The geological placement and contours of the site takes the study areas – the classrooms – to higher levels. Keeping the built to a minimum, a large part of the land is grown as a forest in an attempt to create a cool and comfortable micro-climate compared to the hot and dry climate of Aurangabad.


All the classrooms are designed linearly along a spine which is placed in the north south direction, which keeps them well ventilated and provides ample natural light. The school uses its rich site to its full abilities to give an integrated education system where formal education is placed within a natural setting, establishing more than classroom learning.

Pre-primary block of classrooms are designed around a huge tree, making it part of their learn-and-play experiences. Placing the classroom clusters around courtyards gives the students an experience of open to sky learning which boosts their creativity and gives the educators an opportunity to use out of the box methods of teaching.


The region attracts a number of migratory birds and the vision for the school is to ensure a favorable environment to nurture these in the future as well. This would not only enrich the regional biodiversity but also foster a child’s curiosity and respect for the natural world. This project has been designed not only for education but for the overall development of the growing mind.

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