Private Bungalow, Ahmedabad

Inspired from the humble Pol houses of Ahmedabad, this completely vastu compliant bungalow pays homage to Ahmedabad’s rich history. The climate conscious design with north facing windows, jalis and a central courtyard vertically connects the house, provides ample natural light and ventilation throughout the volume of the bungalow.

All the internal spaces in the house have an attached deck or balcony space. The idea was to bring the landscape indoors. The dining area opens into a lush space which is shaded with a jali of leaves which casts an interesting shadow at the floor level. Extension of the covered canopy also pushes the main window of the rooms inside acting as passive strategy for keeping the rooms cool during harsh summers.

The central courtyard connects all the levels of the house to the basement and creates a continuous visual connection with all the levels of the house and naturally illuminates the basement. The jali pattern at the top of the skylight reflects the pattern of the jali used in Pol houses.

The courtyard or Brahmasthan is kept completely construction free except for a tree which was originally on the site and it continues to grow there. The swimming pool was set in the basement to provide privacy. Skylight placed in East and West part and the courtyard together bring in natural light into the basement, especially at the pool and the gym.

The materials used for construction were all locally sourced. Teak India and Ita Gold, Indian natural stones, were used largely during construction for external cladding and Italian marble in warm tones was used throughout the house internally. The warmth of the Italian marble created a beautiful play with the landscape and made the bungalow true to its context.

The white marble temple gives a feeling of having a spiritual axis to the house. The design is made age friendly and fully accessible with a majority of the living and private spaces being at the same level and ramps provided wherever necessary. The walking path in the large backyard is made of rubberized soft material for clients to walk peacefully without hindrances.

In the central courtyard a walkway was created with different sizes of polished pebbles and materials which created a comfortable indoor walking space, providing desirable reflexology and a comforting and lively spirit to the space. Throughout the house, we see bits and pieces of history reflected through brilliant design and this keeps the design true to the concept and the rich historical past of Ahmedabad.

From the materials, color palette and the artwork displayed throughout the home, one can always relate back to the antiquity of Pol houses. The interiors blend well with the exterior and are spiced with colours and artwork all over, making the living experience lively and timeless

Principal Architect : Qutub Mandviwala

Associate Architect : Mita Patel

Year : 2021

Company : Private client