Terra Office, Ahmedabad

Situated on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the Terra Office spans across 2,500 square feet and is nestled within a lush green plot measuring 28,500 square feet. Designed with the needs of a businessperson in mind, this office space harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings. The site boasts numerous small and large foliage trees, with one particular tree on the south side capturing the attention of everyone who enters the area. Taking inspiration from this majestic tree, a Vastu-compliant plan was devised beneath its shade. Rather than imposing itself on the environment, the office was designed to respect and integrate seamlessly with its context. The driveway and building were thoughtfully constructed around the existing trees on the property.

The structure of the office is characterized by its stepped design, featuring large deck spaces and an expansive hanging canopy. The building appears to float, with a wall and glass windows sandwiched between the canopy and the ground. The office itself takes the form of a simple square, with extended decks on all sides that provide self-shading for the structure. The north-facing facade incorporates large windows to maximize the intake of north light, while the enormous tree on the south facade naturally provides shade. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding trees, the construction includes vertical elements in the form of fins made from concrete and wood. These fins serve the purpose of reducing direct sunlight while mirroring the aesthetic of the tree trunks and branches.

To establish a strong connection with nature, the design incorporates central courtyards with skylights, seamlessly bringing the outdoors inside. All workspaces are organized around an interior courtyard, which serves two purposes: it facilitates the flow between the interior spaces and creates a connection with the surrounding greenery and the sky. This design approach maximizes shaded light within the office and enhances the overall work experience. The interplay of horizontal and vertical elements contributes to the office’s light and airy ambiance.

In addition to sunlight, materials, textures, and colors play a significant role in enhancing the workspaces. The office features a simple concrete floor covered in Kota stone, creating an elegant envelope for the workers. The exposed concrete roof adds to the aesthetic appeal. The interior design follows a minimalistic approach, aiming to keep the number of elements to a minimum. This deliberate simplicity directs attention to the carefully selected elements used throughout the space, further enhancing the overall design.

Principal Architect : Qutub Mandviwala

Associate Architect : Mita Patel

Year : 2023

Company : DD House

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