Vishakha Office Interior, Shantigram, Ahmedabad

Established in the Adani Shantigram Township, this Commercial office for the Vishakha group is an experience as a whole. The interior of this office is welcoming and encourages focus and productivity. Throughout the project, the interiors have a free-flowing circulation punctuated with artwork inspired by Gujarat’s rich history.
Designed minimalistically in tones of grey, enlivened with accents of colour and texture in the form of artefacts and paintings, this flexible and progressive space artfully strikes with bold and vibrant energy.
Visual connectivity is established using light. Spaces are divided using louvres or glass, rather than solid partitions in most workspaces. A spacial flow is created with the harmonization of floors and ceilings, creating a people-centric design. A play is created between two atmospheres – energetic, young and bold versus professional and serious. A combination of meeting areas, an open-plan working space, lounge areas and common meeting spaces forms the overall program of this office.
The main board room, which seats more than twelve people, opens up to an open-to-sky corner terrace space. This area is surrounded by beautiful glass curtain walls and greenery and is used for executive dinners and meetings.
The artwork tells a story of its own. Inspired by Hindu mythology, all of the artwork and artefacts placed around the office create a warm and energetic atmosphere. At the entrance, the metal sculpture establishes a futuristic idea of the space and sets the tone for the ideals of the space. Paintings inspired by the Sabarmati River portray the reflection of the earth and the sky. Abstraction of colours and forms creates an interesting story. Fabric is also extensively used as a part of the artwork displayed throughout the office.

Principal Architect : Qutub Mandviwala

Associate Architect : Mita Patel

Year : 2022

Company : Vishakha Group