Township for Godrej, Badlapur

This township designed on a site of 16 acres is the biggest in Badlapur, Maharashtra. This amoeboid shaped site had access from the north-eat and the south-west direction. Continuing the flow of the roads and following the natural contour of the site, internally connecting primary and secondary roads connect all the zones. All the residential apartments are oriented such that they receive maximum natural light and ventilation, which brings down the energy loads and interspersed between these living spaces are green areas which create relief zones and connect one with nature.

A zen garden designed to stimulate all the senses, a garden walk, yoga pavilion, swimming pool, skating rink, cricket pitch, sand pit and an amphitheatre with a party lawn form the perfect relaxation and community areas for the users. This holistically designed, vastu compliant residential development is an upcoming landmark in Badlapur.

Principal Architect : Qutub Mandviwala

Associate Architect : Mita Patel

Year : ongoing

Company : Godrej Properties